What you might not know about interviews

They want you to do well
The recruitment process for organisations will be very time consuming. They will have had to advertise the vacancy, screen applicants, contact applicants and conduct the interview. Recruiters can receive in the region of 80 applications per vacancy and they will need to shorten the list by comparing your application against the selection criteria. Chances are if you are invited to an interview you will be on average 1 of 8 successful candidates. They are already impressed with what they see and they wouldn’t waste their time interviewing you if they didn’t think you could do the job. They don’t want to have to go through the recruitment process again, so they want to ensure they get the best fit not only for the role but the team and organisation.

Sometimes they get it wrong
In our experience the best person for the job does not always get the job. It is often cultural or team fit and attitude that are crucial factors in the decision making process which are difficult factors to determine from a CV.

The interviewer can be just as nervous as you
It’s not uncommon for inexperienced managers and new staff to conduct the interview process. They will want to create the right impression and ensure they ask the right questions to ensure the best fit for the role.

They may not have read your application before they interview you
Don’t presume they have read at length your application and have a full understanding of your key achievements, strengths and weaknesses. Highlight what you think needs to be brought to their attention and don’t underestimate that even if you work in a very similar role to the one you are interviewing for, that they will know what your current role involves.

Does not having the key selection criteria mean you wont be selected?
The selection criteria is used as what the recruiter would ideally like from the applicant however this does not necessarily mean they are going to get this. Although it’s important to be realistic and to only apply for a job if you meet the criteria, don’t be concerned if you don’t meet all of them. Our experience has taught us that above all else recruiters want to see candidates with the right attitude and the ability to learn and adapt within the role.

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