University offers what to do next

It’s that time of year again as students who applied to UCAS eagerly await their offers from universities. If you are waiting or know someone still waiting for offers, follow our guide on what to do next:

Wait for all the decisions to come through

Unfortunately this will mean playing the waiting game. If you made your application by the January deadline you should typically hear back by the end of March, although it’s not uncommon for some choices to take some time in responding. Once you have got all the decisions back you will be in a much better position to make a decision based on all the options available to you.

Types of offers

Universities will typically make three types of offer including Unconditional, Conditional and Unsuccessful.

If the offer is Unconditional the place is already guaranteed yours and the university have made an offer and you do not need to wait for exam results.

Conditional offer will be subject to meeting certain conditions. This could include achieving certain grades at A Level or GCSE but it could also mean passing a DBS for some courses.

Unsuccessful means that the university have not made any offers. Pay attention to feedback as some universities will provide feedback on unsucessful applications.

Make the decision

There are three responses to make to the university decisions. Firm acceptance (first and preferred choice), Insurance choice (back-up choice if the first one is unsuccessful) and decline (offers not wanted).

You don’t have to reply straight away but make sure you take note of the deadline in which you need to apply by as everyone’s deadline will be different depending on when they applied. Consider carefully before responding as you only get two choices. If you don’t want to accept any of the offers you will need to decline all offers but you can add one more choice through UCAS Extra.

Not got any offers?

It will be disappointing not receiving any offers but don’t despair university could still be an option as you can apply through clearing.

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