The top interview questions you are likely to hear and how to answer them

What are your weaknesses?

Think carefully about what you want to reveal. Saying you are not a morning person is not exactly ideal! Show that you’re trying to address a weakness, preferably giving an example. Never say, “I don’t have any weaknesses”, You do, everyone does! The recruiter is trying to see how you react under pressure, that you have an awareness of yourself and what steps you have taken to overcome a weakness.


Why do you want to work for us?

This is the best opportunity you have to show how serious you are about this job. Demonstrate that you have researched the company and the role itself and that it meets with exactly what you are looking for.


Why did you apply for this job?

The employer wants to know that you are serious about this position, as well as the company. Mention things like new challenges, using previously gained experience in this exciting new role or wanting an opportunity to learn.


What are your salary expectations?

This is a tricky one because you don’t want to come across as money-grabbing, but equally you don’t want to sell yourself short. Try to find out the going rate for your particular position, and if possible, whether the company is a generous payer. Then set yourself an amount just below which you are interested in taking the job for. You could also turn the question around, and ask the interviewer:”What do you see as an appropriate salary for my experience?”


Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Be honest about your ambitions, but try to be realistic-you’re not going to be the CEO in five years time if your applying for a job as a junior assistant.


What achievements in your life are you most proud of?

The important thing here is not so much about what you are proud of, but demonstrating exactly why you are proud of it and what you learned from the experience. If you can’t think of a work example, pick out something to show lots of enthusiasm and passion about the achievements you have made in your life.


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