How to tackle your job hunt during a global pandemic

We find ourselves in unprecedented times which has required us to adapt to new ways of working and living. For some, it has meant they have had the time to stop and think, and to consider their options, the role of their jobs and to reassess what they get from their work. Now has never been a better time to evaluate options, perhaps pursue a new training course, update skills or take steps to a new career.

During conversations I have had with clients during the last few weeks there are 4-steps that I think are the most effective use of time and resources, and here they are:

  1. Upskill / Get Qualified- there are still so many options for retraining and learning new skills, will certainly put you one step ahead of other job seekers. Many local colleges have taken the opportunity to offer free online training courses in anything for adult numeracy and literacy through to certified and professional qualifications. Future Learn also offer hundreds of free courses


  1. Take a Career Review- Taking a career review can help you determine what your best skills are and how they are best used in a work setting. Taking time to review how best you are suited to working is quite simple with many really good online resources.



  1. Prepare your job search toolkit- When was the last time you updated your CV, cover letter or LinkedIn? Is your CV selling you and truly reflecting your skills and experience? If you are unsure it might be worth taking my Free CV Review:     Ensure your LinkedIn profile is updated, including content, roles, a professional photo, targeted skills and endorsements.  Use the time to reach out to previous work colleagues to ask for recommendations.  Now is also the time to brush up on your interview skills- particularly your technical knowledge and the use of Skype/Zoom and Teams, with many recruiters using this in replacement of the face to face interviews whilst in lockdown.



  1. Ever considered self-employment an option- Have you ever thought about running your own business or turning your part-time hobby into a small business, but never quite got around to it? You might want to take advantage of the many free resources and webinars that could make this a reality. It may be worth looking into your local Enterprise partnership that will offer free business advice and support to those starting out. The government website also has comprehensive information on everything from registering a small business through to reporting on finance and expenses

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