How to get your dream job in 2016

So as we all return back to work,  many people are wondering what 2016 is going to bring and thinking about the New Year’s resolutions that they have made.

Is changing jobs one of them but not sure where to start? The good thing is it is never too late to take the first steps into pursuing that dream job you have always wanted to go for. Why not make 2016 the year to make that positive first step towards achieving your career goals? Follow our guide to help you achieve your New Year career resolutions.
Be clear in what you want to achieve
If you can clearly identify what it is you want to achieve, you are half way there and more likely to achieve your goal. Is it that you want more of a work life balance, opportunity to pursue further interests or change direction completely? Set realistic career goals and when you want to achieve these by, to keep you motivated.
Get work experience
The importance of work experience should never be undervalued and is the ideal opportunity to find out whether a certain career is for you. It gives you the chance to update your skills and experience, especially if you are looking to change careers. It is quite common for people to commit to a certain career path before realising it isn’t what they expected, this is often down to a lack of research which could be gained through work experience. It can be a good opportunity to build industry contacts, and with many recruiters looking to recruit individuals with work experience, you will have already set yourself apart from the competition.
Be realistic
It is important to be realistic and flexible in your dream job hunt. Check salaries and openings for your particular line of work and be prepared to consider other factors besides salary. You may need to be prepared to take a step down in responsibilities or a dip in salary to pursue your chosen career field.
Get the tools for the job
The first place to start is ensuring that you have the best CV and cover letter when applying for a dream job. Don’t be put off if you have not worked in an area before. If you are changing careers completely you may want to think about a skills based CV focusing on transferable skills. The key is to focus on quality rather than quantity, it is much better to spend your time on one or two quality applications that you have researched and are able to demonstrate how you meet the selection criteria. Follow our guide to writing cover letters
Do things differently
Typically when you look for work how many methods do you use? On average candidates use only one or two methods. Are you exploring all avenues available to you? You could register with a recruitment agency that will have direct access to employers and opportunities. Register your CV online with websites such as Monster and TotalJobs  with many employers actively looking on these websites you could get yourself noticed. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date as employers are increasingly checking social media as part of their recruitment process. Try the direct approach by using a speculative approach. Increasingly employers don’t advertise their vacancies and will keep speculative applications on file should something come up.

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