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About to graduate but unsure where to start with the CV, what skills and experience to include?
Writing your first graduate CV can be difficult especially when applying for competitive roles, trying to break into a new industry or if this is your first experience of making job applications. Follow our guide to ensure your CV stands out from the crowd.
Personal Statement
Probably the most important part of the CV and it needs to capture the recruiters attention and make them want to read further. Its important within this section you capture who you are, what skills and experience you can offer and what you are aiming for. You may also want to include a separate objective section outlining to the recruiter  what you are specifically looking for. This is the section we would always advice tailoring towards specific positions.
Career Summary and Work Experience
It’s worth mentioning within this section any part time employment, work experience, internships and voluntary work as recruiters want to see more than just a degree. You will need to include dates, company names and job titles. Rather than simply listing duties make sure you list any successes or achievements which could include anything from meeting targets, being involved in a project or improving processes or systems. You dont want this section to read like a job description so take the time to reflect on what you added to the companies you worked for.
Generally the education section will be the main focus of the Graduate CV. Ensure you include degree or anticipated degree classification, modules studied and dissertation if these are relevant to the jobs you are applying to or if you are looking to directly use your degree subject. For example, if you did a general business degree and looking to secure roles within Human Resources, mention the HR modules studied.
In terms of older qualifications such as A Levels and GCSEs you don’t need to state all grades unless they are A or A*. If applying for graduate roles some recruiters will look for UCAS points and the A Level grade so you will need to list these. If you didn’t do particularly well in a GCSE then leave these grades off as employers will be more interested in your more recent education.
Hobbies and Interests
This section is optional. Only mention interests that are particularly relevant or back up your interests for the roles you are applying to. Spending time with family, going to cinema and socialising will probably be of very little interest to an employer. I would also include in this section if you were part of any societies whilst at university. If you were make sure you detail what you got from these and the skills you developed.
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