How long should a CV be?
A CV should be no longer than 2 pages. Recruiters typically only focus on the most recent experience. This can be achieved by omitting non essential information. A one page CV is acceptable if you are working with limited information.

What kind of writing style should be used?
The CV should be written professionally and in a style towards the job you are applying for. We recommend using the third person which is more professional and using powerful action words, like managing and leading.

Do I need different CVs for different jobs?
We would always advise having different versions for different roles that you are applying for.

Should I include interests in a CV?
This depends on what they are. Interests can serve as a conversation point at interview but can also discourage recruiters. Include any interests that are relevant to the job you are applying for should be included, such as an interest in fashion when applying for jobs in retail or an interest in cookery if applying for jobs within catering.

Should I include a picture?
This very much depends on the role you are applying for. In certain professions such as media this may be a prerequisite.

What is the difference between a skills based and chronological CV?
A skills based CV is increasingly used to cover any gaps in employment or a career change by focusing on transferable skills. A chronological CV should be used by starting with the most recent education/career summary first and working back.

What information should not be included on a CV?
Unless it is specifically requested by an employer it is not essential to include date of birth, due to age discrimination legislation. You also do not need to mention other personal details such as religious information, health conditions or criminal convictions. Don’t include specific reference details or reasons for leaving any previous employment.

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