Cover Letters: Why bother?


It is a question my clients have frequently asked me, everything is already on the CV isn’t it, so why do I need to repeat what I already have? Will the employer even look at the cover letters anyway?

The truth is that cover letters still remains an essential part of the recruitment process. Cover letters serve as an introduction why and which vacancy you are applying for. Recruiters are not impressed with a submitted CV without a covering letter detailing why you should be considered. More importantly cover letters give the perfect opportunity to distinguish yourself from other candidates and highlight how exactly you meet the criteria, and also to convince them why you are the ideal candidate for the position. This is especially important when recruiters are receiving in some cases hundreds of applications for one job opening.

We know there can also be a tendency if the job is not asking for cover letters just to send a CV, but it is best practice to create cover letters tailored to the job you are applying for even if the advert does not specifically ask for one.

I have frequently received feedback from recruiters who have been inundated with poor quality applications and where little or no regard has been given to how the key criteria has been met. Employers are looking for candidates that have taken the extra time and effort to demonstrate this.
Employers will view a CV submitted on its own as lazy and would be the perfect opportunity to discount you from the next stages of the recruitment process. Sending a cover letter that is tailored to the job will significantly increase your chances of securing an interview.

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