Cover Letter Writing – 5 Top Tips

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Make the cover letter personal

Never send a covering or speculative letter without addressing it to the individual who is directly involved in the recruiting process. If you don’t know who this is then do a search of the company or contact the HR department to find out. You also need to include the job title and application reference number if there is one. Do not presume the recruiter will know what position you are applying for as this may be one of many roles that they are recruiting for.

Prove your worth

The main part of the cover letter is to convince the employer you can do the job. You need to ensure that within the cover letter you are covering the key criteria of what they are looking for. You can get this from the job description, person specification or job advertisement. If you don’t have the details to go by, don’t be afraid to ask the company for further information regarding the role.

Use examples to demonstrate you are the perfect candidate

The cover letter is your perfect opportunity to sell yourself and the skills that you have and more importantly that you can do the job. If they are looking for a candidate with strong team work skills, it is not enough to simply say that have these skills, but you need to give a specific example of when and how you have demonstrated this.

Do your research

Be confident and demonstrate your knowledge and research of the company and mention why you are interested in working for them specifically. For example you may be aware that the company are expanding a particular department, service or product, so use this research and link it with your skills and experience.

Keep it simple

The cover letter should be no longer than a page long so needs to be relevant but brief to catch the recruiters attention. Pick out the key words from the job advert or description and reflect this in your letter. Do not repeat what you already have on your CV but make it specific to the job.

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